When we talk about Hebrew there is a lot to talk about in relation to it. This is the ancient language of the Jewish community; it is related to Judaism and the religion and traditions of the Jewish people across the world. Indeed, it is also one of the ancient languages that were developed and the language that gave birth to the ancient form of the Bible. The Jewish community was spread in different parts of the world and hence, Hebrew also developed as different dialects that were in use among such communities. Again, the rabbis used a different dialect in their communications and writings that are known as the old or ancient form of Hebrew.

When Hebrew is talking about, this leads to discussions about the Jewish faith as well. The beliefs of the Hebrews or the people and how they are linked to Judaism and Christianity also become relevant. These topics are discussed here and a forum is opened up where views of the community can be expressed and shared as well as information on how the language evolved the influences of the different communities on it through the ages and so forth. Language, religion and cultural values are deeply interlinked. That is what is showcased through this blog or forum.  Any language evolves over the ages and reflects the status of an evolution of the growth of the related communities. People who are interested to read about Hebrew and its different influences will enjoy going through the articles on this blog.