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What Is Unique About Black Hebrews Who Live In Israel?

Black Hebrews

You might have heard of Kendrick Lamar, the rapper who is known for his spiritual as well as talented lyrics. His hip-hop style even inspires many who consider them religious in their following of the Christian faith. Lamar formed the album called Good Kid and MAAD City which is defined as deeply theological and he is even stated to be a theological genius.

Black Hebrews

Lamar can be considered an example of the faith that is followed by Blacks who are Hebrew Israelites. Many even protest of being termed as black and would rather be known as Israelites. Many even feel that, unless they recognize their identity as Israelites, their suffering will not end. As of today, the term black Hebrew Israelites include Black Jews, those of African origin and are Hebrew Israelites, are Hebrew Israelites and or black Hebrews and so forth.

The influence of Judaism on the African Americans was seen since the 17th century, which was pronounced by the 20th century. It might also be due to the discrimination that this community faced in the United States. Hence, by 19th as well as an early part of the 20th century many African Americans started to identify themselves with ancient Israelites, some even claiming to be physical descendants of such race of people. This led to the formation of the faction of black Hebrew Israelites. People of such faction then spread to the US as well as in Africa besides a community staying back in Israel.

This community does not align themselves with the principles of Judaism directly. They manipulate the traditions in a creative way and they glean several beliefs from different streams of the faith, such as from the Anglo Israelite movement that arose in Britain, from Judaism, Pentecostal Christianity to Judaism, Hebrew principles of the Old Testament and so forth.

There is another group called the Ethiopian Jews which are unrelated to the Black Hebrew Israelites. This is a BHI group that also has a distinct group presence in New York. As per the group, they exist in Israel, but also in other countries with similar faith and beliefs. There are certain beliefs that characterize this group and community of people, though is a loose manner. For instance, black Jews often follow Jewish traditions as well as a perspective of the Christ that is similar to Christian faith. Black Hebrews who practice Judaism is also known to be more traditional in their approach. Some are known to be quite nationalistic and are far from the traditional Jewish beliefs.

This group or community of people continues to grow their culture and add a sprinkle of diversity to the evolving concepts of Judaism.