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Hebrew Synagogues in Vancouver

Hebrew Synagogues

Luckily, in Vancouver, there are numerous places of worships for almost every religion. Every person from every sect can get the opportunity to learn more about the teachings of their faith. People from different religions can fully embody their religious beliefs.

being able to freely express your faith and religious beliefs are one of the greatest feelings in the world. Having a place of worship where one can peacefully pray and display their faith is as important as having other significant establishments in any community.


There are several synagogues in Vancouver where Jews and Hebrews won’t only get to listen to the teachings about God, they can also gather with their congregation. Additionally, they can also socialize and even be taught more about their community and religion by their respectable rabbis.


Here are some of the synagogues around the Vancouver area:


Beth Israel Congregation


The Beth Israel Congregation is located in West 28th Avenue in Vancouver, BC, and was founded in the early 1920s. The Beth Israel synagogue was dedicated in 1949. At present, the Beth Israel Congregation is regarded as the biggest Conservative congregation in west Canada. Today, various activities are conducted in Beth Israel throughout the year such as bar mitzvah celebrations, afternoon school, and adult education.


Temple Sholom


This synagogue located in Oak Street in Vancouver was established in 1965. Back then, Temple Sholom was considered as the only Jewish reform congregation in Vancouver. Sadly, their first synagogue on West 10th Avenue was destroyed by a firebombing incident in 1985. The new building in Oak Street was dedicated in 1988.


Chabad of Downtown


Located in Prior Street in Vancouver, Chabad of Downtown offers numerous beneficial programs for Hebrews and Jews in Downtown Vancouver. Their programs include education for adults, young adults, and children. They also have programs specifically created for Jewish women. Aside from this, they have social events and religious services held on a regular basis.